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CE Engineering’s Story

CE Engineering is a refrigeration and air conditioning compressor re-manufacturing and electric motor rewinding company with its origins dating back to 1990. After 30 years re-manufacturing compressors and many of the original employees and managers remaining with the company, we boast the highest levels of experience and quality processes in the Australian market.

The business operates out of a 3000 square metre facility, in what is one of the primary refrigeration and air conditioning locations in Brisbane, Australia.

With companies such as Actrol, Beijer Ref, Totaline, Airefrig, Kirby and many other equipment supply companies all within a few kilometer radius, CE Engineering is in an ideal position to supply everyone from the small contractor, to the largest service company.

Not content to simply supply products to the market, CE Engineering, with the support of our customers, is totally committed to finding the cause of the failure, not just treating the symptoms. We believe this more holistic approach to compressor/system failures is vitally important to the supply process in insuring our clients have the highest probability of rectifying their clients refrigeration systems to increase efficiency and reduce premature failures.

To this end where practical, we strive to provide our customers with as much information as possible on the failed compressor, before the replacement compressor is commissioned and have a team of highly experienced and dedicated commissioning experts to assist our clients on replacement compressor start up when and where requested.

CE Engineering also has the largest range of new parts to assist our customers with servicing, installing and repairing compressors either themselves or with our assistance Australia wide. 

Compressor Rebuilding Service

Compressor Rebuilding Services

CE Engineering carries over 150 remanufactured compressors in stock, covering all major makes and models, which is the largest re-manufactured stock in Australia. Due to our highly efficient re-manufacturing process, we also boast the fastest average turnaround times in the industry.

Motor Rewinding Services

Brisbane Rewinding Services

To ensure the highest quality product and to minimise the problems inherent with outsourcing, we rewind our own electric motors.


Commercial Pump Rebuilding

We offer pump repairs and rebuilds. We travel to any existing site, remove pumps and fully recondition &/or replace seals with re-installation to site, including laser alignment if required.

CE Engineering HVAC ONSITE rebuilding Division

On-Site Rebuilding Division

CE Engineering also incorporates a dedicated on-site rebuilding division. This was developed to provide a total compressor repair facility for contractors unable to remove the unit due to constraints on size, cost or design.

CE Engineering

Key Services

Compressor re-manufacturing from semi hermetic, open drive recips,
screws, hermetic cans and centrifugals for all makes and models.

  • On site compressor repairs, inspection and diagnosis.
  • Rewind all motor and fan motors (in house motor rewinding facility),
    we also have a competitive price on new motors and fans.
  • Overhaul pumps both onsite and in our factory. This includes rigging
    if needed.
  • Laser alignment.
  • Supply fans – bearings, shaft replacements etc.
  • Overhaul gearboxes.
  • Parts supply – Compressor parts – I.e. Valve plates, oil pumps, sump
    heaters, and gasket kits.
  • Major chillers parts including purge units are kept in stock or can be sourced overseas through our dealers.
  • All plant room equipment mechanical and electrical repairs, replacements and inspections.
  • Generator and alternator repairs and rewinds.

All major models are kept in stock ready to be dispatched

CE Engineering || 30+ years in the industry

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