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We are happy to say that there have been some exciting developments and in house quality improvements at CE Engineering and Brisbane Rewinding Services in 2019. We’d like to share some of our progress and touch base with you, our valued customers, to give you some feedback on what we are seeing and hearing from the various Techs, Group Leaders and Service Supervisors that we have daily dealings with, and to provide some information on possible service solutions that we may be able to assist you to deliver to your clients.

Screw compressors:

We have noticed a pleasing increased demand for our reconditioned screw compressors over the last 6 to 12 months. From client feedback we believe this is due to the quality, reliability and increased parts and stock holding availability that we have strived to build since we began this line of equipment some 10 years ago.
Personally we also feel that offering the same warranty as the imported variety, increased genuine and industry tested parts availability, combined with the falling Australian dollar resulting in our product being considerably cheaper – some units being up to 50% cheaper, has also provided the industry with a genuinely viable alternative when it comes to these important and larger machines.
When also taking into account the turnaround times we are able to offer over importing equipment on ordering (just in time stock control) that is an issue with some machines and manufacturers, we believe we offer a unique and often better alternative. It is also worth considering that quite often the new machines that are imported are in actual fact re-manufactured units, meaning the money, warranty service and most importantly jobs are being sent off shore.
As with our reciprocating line, our screw compressors are rebuilt to OEM standards in both materials and tolerances for total peace of mind – ours and yours – and we have maintained training both in house and external to ensure we comply with the most stringent measures and international industry standards.
As previously mentioned, we maintain a large range of stock to assist reduced down time and hire costs when a compressor fails, and in the event we do not have stock on the shelf we can offer a very quick turnaround for a complete, quality rebuild.

Brisbane Rewinding:

Brisbane Rewinding has maintained a reputation of excellence and continues to allow us to offer a complete repair service to our customers.
Whether it is the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry segment, the escalator and lift industry, power generation or servicing the mining sector, we have the experience and ability to offer solutions at both the upper and lower ends of the scale in both AC and DC equipment.
Peter Vowles continues to manage the business with over 40 years experience in the industry and is widely regarded as a leader in the field of rotating equipment.
We believe we offer our clients unparalleled levels of service in the repair, rewinding, installation and trouble shooting of all rotating electrical equipment and will put our reputation on the line to prove that to you on your next breakdown or preventive maintenance task.
If you require any form of electrical and mechanical repairs or rewinding on your pumps, motors and fans, or would just like the benefit of some assistance on troubleshooting a difficult site problem, we believe we offer you a one stop repairer that you can trust.

On site Compressor Rebuilding:

Recently RCR Haden Cairns entrusted CE engineering to rebuild two Carrier 5H86 compressors in their workshop for the navy. The compressors were fully re-manufactured using 100% new parts throughout except for the compressor core itself as per Navy specifications.
CE Engineering had previously carried out two rebuilds on the Navy equipment on behalf of HCR, so with the runs on the board and our willingness to back our product with local warranty service, the decision was an easy one for the Australian Navy
In this instance we utilised two men and had both units completed and ready for installation within three days.
HCR were so pleased with the work performed and our willingness to both travel and fit in with any and all time and specification requirements that they have sent another 4 Copeland D4SA1-200x AWMD to be re manufactured under the navy’s same high standards in our Acacia Ridge factory.

We continue to offer this important service whenever a job is too large, too expensive or too difficult to remove for one of our in stock service replacement compressors to provide an effective solution.
From Darwin to Hobart, Broome and abroad, we have completed on site work for many customers and are more than happy to travel anywhere to renew or repair vital equipment to back to factory standards for your clients. We use the same methods, parts, experienced tradesmen and quality procedures whether the job is completed in house or on your customer’s unique site. We take safety very seriously and we respect that we are your representatives on any site we visit. We understand the importance of client/supplier relationships and our main consideration is striving to deliver discretion and professionalism on your behalf when attending to and dealing with your valuable clients.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2020! CE Engineering

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CE Engineering is a refrigeration and air conditioning compressor re-manufacturing company. The business operates out of a 3000 square metre facility, in what is one of the primary refrigeration and air conditioning locations in Brisbane, Australia. With companies such as Lovelock Luke (LGL), Actrol, Bitzer, Carrier and York and all equipment supply companies all within a two kilometre radius, CE Engineering is in an ideal position to supply everyone from the small contractor, to the largest service company.

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