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Onsite Rebuilding Services


Onsite Remanufacturing

your engineering team, onsite

CE Engineering also incorporates a dedicated on site rebuilding division. This was developed to provide a total compressor repair facility for contractors unable to remove the unit due to constraints on size, cost or design. Like all of our rebuilt compressors, and compressors rebuilt on site are covered by our 12-month warranty.

Our on site remanufacturing process includes the following steps:

  1. The refrigerant-oil mixture is drained and properly disposed of.
  2. The compressor is disassembled to bare casting. The casting, unloader lines and oil supply feeds are inspected for visible defects. 
  3. The crankcase is visually inspected for integrity of gasket surfaces and threaded holes.
  4. All critical parts, including bearings, inserts, seals, piston rings, suction and discharge valves, are discarded and replaced with new items that have been pre assembled in our factory.
  5. The valve plates are replaced with new ones or reground plates that are pre assembled in the factory to ensure they operate as new. 
  6. The crankshaft, pistons, rods, and liners are removed and replacement components that have been pre machined or replaced and pre assembled, are fitted to the compressor.
  7. The oil pump is replaced
  8. The compressor is reassembled, with all bolts torqued to specifications. 
  9. The compressor is leak tested and after passing this test, the compressor is recharged with the correct oil for the application.
  10. The compressor is test run with oil pressure, suction and discharge pressure and unloader operation checked/set and confirmed.

For situations that are difficult for removal of the compressor, an onsite rebuild can be carried out with the same care and dilligence as provided in our factory remanufactured compressors.

Various Compressor Types

Currently, we re-manufacture various types of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, including semi-hermetic and open-drive, screw and reciprocating units, with the entire re-manufacturing process being performed in our specialised facility located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Ecologically Friendly Products

Remanufactured compressors offer significant carbon reduction compared to newly manufactured compressors while offering comparable quality and warranty.
In this day of climate change and carbon emmissions, remanufactured compressors offer the customer with a quality, safe alternative at a fraction of the global warming carbon footprint.

CEE 12 month Guarantee

Companies that use recycled parts in their re-manufactured units have a responsibility to ensure that those items meet or exceed the current OEM tolerances. CEE proudly accepts that responsibility and backs up its commitment with a comprehensive 12 month limited warranty.


Learn some more of our Onsite Engineering efforts in our projects library.

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