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What does rewinding of an electric motor involve?

Repairing of electric motors when the winding fails is known as ‘Rewinding‘, ie. unwinding the old rotor and stator windings and replace it with new ones. However depending on physical conditions , methods of rewinding and expertise of the technicians its specifications, as well as efficiency may vary after rewinding! Click HereCE-engineering-armature-rewind-250hp-stator

What does Remanufacturing an AC Compressor involve?

When re-manufacturing a compressor, the air conditioning and refrigeration compressor is stripped to bare metal, with all components inspected. All wear items are replaced and components like crank shafts and compressor core is machined back to manufacturers specifications. This process renews the compressor back to a condition similar to a brand new compressor. As such warranty is usually the same as a new compressor. Click Hererotary-screw-compressor-HVAC-CEC-RECOM-CE-Engineering


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