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Carbon Advantage

CE Engineering's Carbon Advantage


In 2010 the University of Western Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Cleaner Production  approached our then affiliated Western Australian branch to assist in a study of Greenhouse Carbon production of remanufactured versus new compressors.

Over a 10 month period Curtin University was given full access to both our factory in Brisbane and the Western Australian facility to closely monitor and document the procedures and methodology of our compressor remanufacturing processes and to measure the level of carbon emitted/produced to both remanufacture our compressors, and the parts and components used to assemble the compressors. A total carbon capture analysis.

These findings were measured against identical make and model compressors that were manufactured new from the factory and across the board, over each make and model studied, it was found that our remanufactured compressors used 89 to 93% less carbon to produce what is in almost all aspects, an identical finished product.

If your clients value the environment, are conscious of their carbon footprint and are proactive in making a difference, then buying a remanufactured compressor over a new compressor is an environmentally friendly option for them.


“A life cycle assessment (LCA) has been carried out to determine the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of a remanufactured compressor versus a new (OEM equipment manufacture) compressor.

The remanufacturing consisted of disassembling, cleaning and washing, machining, reassembling, and testing.

Remanufactured compressors produce about 89% to 93% less greenhouse than those associated with a new (OEM) compressor. The additional reuse and less replacement of parts with new parts reduce the overall carbon footprint of remanufactured compressors.”

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