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Industrial Pump Rebuilding

Centrifugal Pump Repair & Rebuilding

keeping commercial and industrial pumps operating with remanufacturing services

As part of our total plant room repair solution, we also offer condenser water, chilled water and car park emergency pump repairs and rebuilds.

We travel to any existing site, remove pumps and fully recondition (including shaft re-metalling) and/or seal replacement with re-installation to site including laser alignment if required.

It is our experience that 8 to 9 out of ten pumps have bad rust pitting or have seal surface wear on the shafts, particularly if they already leak. This requires removal to the factory and machining etc.

The pump is also correctly overhauled in the factory using magnetic bearing heaters (rather than a hammer and steel punch to install new bearings on site) and is fully bead blasted and acid dipped to remove all scale and barnacles and is coated with a rust preventative varnish.

If done on site they have the shaft removed, new bearings hammered on, new seal fitted and are re-assembled in the same condition that it came out. We prefer to do the job properly in the factory and to negate any re-quoting issues when the pump is ultimately found to require removal from site as is 90% of cases.

Centrifugal Pump Repair and Centrifugal Pump Rebuilding – all reman services. 

All brands, for example: Ajax, Southern Cross, Grunfos,  National, Oilwell, Union, Gaso, Wheatley, Gardner Denver, Aplex, Flowserve, Sulzer Bingham, Union, United, Ingersoll Rand, Byron Jackson, Guilds and many many more.

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