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Electric Motor Rewinding

Brisbane Rewinding Service Stator Motor Coil Armature Rebuilding Rewinding Repair

Brisbane Rewinding Services

To ensure the highest quality product and to minimise the problems inherent with outsourcing, we rewind our own electric motors.

Brisbane Rewinding started as an inhouse motor armature & stator rewinding shop, and has grown into a successful business, supplying AC and DC motors and generator repairs to a large range of companies, including Thyssenkrupp Elevators and Schindler Lifts.

Modern Winding Machines

Our modern winding machines eliminates errors in winding coils and are capable of handling large motor windings with precision.
We use industry standard varnishes to submerge, dip, and encapsulate the stators after winding. The varnish impregnation system ensures full slot penetration of varnish to guarantee no wire flex in the slot to eliminate slot burnouts.

Surge Tested

All of our semi-hermetic stators and rotors are surge tested using the Megger Bakers Instrument DX surge tester to guarantee initial start-up under load. In addition, all motors are also tested using the digital watt ohmmeter. This enables us to check our re-winders and make sure all work performed meets standards.

Balancing the Coils

The digital ohmmeter measuring is as low as 1/10,000 of an ohm to check the balance of the coils and conductivity through all soldered connections. This ensures perfect balance of the stator coils for optimum performance and winding intgrity

Operational Capacity

Our operational capacity ranges up to 400 HP, including 115 to 575 volts, 3 phase and single phase units, servicing air conditioning, refrigeration, and other industries.
Brisbane Rewinding Service can wind virtually any motor from hermetic motors, submersible pumps, escalator and elevator motors, alternator windings, exciter windings, armature rewind to direct drive motors for many different industries.

Stator Motor Coil Armature Rebuilding Rewinding
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