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Woolworth Rebuild On/Off Site

If you are looking to save valuable labour time for your most important team members, and need a fast, reliable and ultimately high quality safe option to rebuild a client’s centrifugal compressor, CE Engineering would be happy to undertake the work on your behalf. Just like all of our remanufactured compressors, all centrifugal rebuilds carry a warranty that you can pass on to your client, offering peace of mind and a low risk exposure option for your business.

Have you ever noticed how many of your supermarket rack screw compressors have a little pool of oil under the bearing head seals?

Due to the O’ring seal between the compression housing and compressor bodies hardening after many years’ service, many Bitzer screw compressors lose their tension in this particular area and begin to leak oil and refrigerant.

CE Engineering has developed a quick and relatively inexpensive on site replacement procedure for these seals. This allows contractors the ability to isolate one machine from the rack for only a few hours and have the particular compressors seal replaced, the thrust clearances re-set and the machine back and running as new in less than a day. If your client would like to reduce oil and refrigerant leaks on their equipment, and the resulting costs and environmental impact of this problem, CE Engineering would be happy to offer you this cheap, quality repair service.

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