CE Engineering is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning compressor remanufacturing company. The business operates out of a 3000 square metre facility, in what is one of the primary refrigeration and air conditioning locations in Brisbane. With companies such as Lovelock, Actrol, Bitzer and Carrier, all equipment supply companies, and all within a two-kilometre radius, CE Engineering is in an ideal position to supply everyone from the small contractor, to the largest service company.

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Brisbane Rewinding Services

To ensure the highest quality product and to minimise the problems inherent with “out sourcing”, we rewind our own electric motors. Brisbane Rewinding started as an “in house” motor rewinding shop, and has grown into a successful business, suppling AC and DC motor and generator.

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On site rebuilding division

CE Engineering also incorporates a dedicated on site rebuilding division. This was developed to provide a total compressor repair facility for contractors unable to remove the unit due to constraints on size, cost or design. Like all of our rebuilt compressors, and compressors rebuilt on site are covered by our 12-month warranty.